Esen - Basil & Mint

Esen - Basil & Mint

Esen - Basil & Mint

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Harvest time in a herb garden. Ripe greenness abounds, as herbs and plants release their bright scents, rich with old-world symbolism. Basil for success, spearmint for wisdom, rosemary for remembrance.

Feel like you’re waking up with a cup of minty green tea. Basil’s green zing meets spearmint’s cooling freshness, grounded by ginger’s peppery citrus and rosemary’s unmistakable aroma.

Scent Family - Herbal

Scent Notes:

  • Top Notes: Basil & Rosemary
  • Middle Notes: Clove & Spearmint
  • Base Notes: Ginger & Peppermint

Hand poured in Toronto. 7.5 oz, 50-hour burn.

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